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new client onboarding

Tell us about the characteristics of your ideal client/customer segment. Are you able to provide specific industry and client examples? Why specifically did they choose to work with you, what problem did you solve for them?

Your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and Customer Segment Envoy will be targeting

Top 5 best current Clients, please include website if possible

What pains/triggering events/situations/critical business issues often exist that compels your clients to work with you? What is talked about on a sales call that drives the conversation towards a closed deal?

Who are your top competitors? What are your competitive strengths/weaknesses compared to them? List of features and benefits/value propositions. How much does your service cost?

What are the sequential steps currently in your typical sales process?

Who is the Decision Maker you typically need to speak with to close a deal in which vertical? CEO, CFO, VP of Marketing etc.?