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10 Relationship Marketing TIps

Here are a few easy ways to set yourself apart from the competition.

  1. Take the “relationship marketing” approach by providing a high degree of service to a select number of clients. Measure your success by the depth of the work, expect to see more projects from fewer clients.

  2. You need patience and determination with relationship marketing. Understand your clients, their challenges, and how to solve them. Don’t expect instant results, good things come to those who wait.

  3. In sales, think of it as consulting, you must be a problem solver, not just closing the deal. Always think about your client's long-term goals, not just the deal at hand.

  4. Promote services with a marketing mind and think like your client. Through their eyes, you can understand their challenges, and offer solutions to them.

  5. Be consistent. You may spend a quarter of your time marketing and selling. Get in front of people with speaking engagements, it’s a subtle but powerful marketing technique.

  6. Explain your capabilities and services available when selling. Existing services you typically give away for free are a basis for consulting and advisory services you can add to.

  7. You have expertise that your clients need. Prepare whitepapers, or an eBook as your prospecting piece. Use it as a lead magnet and make it full of useful insights for your clients.

  8. Are you still doing mass mailings? Shrink and focus, think of it as smart mailings, but only if you target manageable groups and follow up with a phone call.

  9. Don’t beg for business being too flexible or available. Ideally, do business in a fair and reasonable terms for everyone involved. Understand your competition, but don't mock them, always take the high ground.

  10. Don't be afraid to say "no" if the problem is outside your area of expertise. Nobody can be all things to all people. Don’t be a generalist, find your niche and stick to it!

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