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Believe it or not, failure is an option

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Can you recall a time when you felt devastated after a prospect changed their mind?

Failure happens to salespeople all over the world who are willing to take risks to close more deals. People that don’t beat the down-curve in sales are those who emotionally take it as an irreversible fall.

However, leaders in sales look at times of failure as learning experiences to create new tools and techniques to use the next time a lead comes close to a loss, they know it’s not a big deal to fail now and then because they know they will grow from it.

For prospectors with the appropriate mindset, failure leads to optimization and ultimately that leads to success. These instances will not emotionally phase you, rather strengthen you as you continue to pick up the phones and shake the hands of your next sale.

Takeaway:  Would you like to know how this comes into play in your life? Think of a recent opportunity you created or an accomplishment out on the floor. Then, think of one moment of failure in your career that applies to that situation, and how it helped you get this opportunity or achievement. From this perspective, failure truly is positive for successful salespeople looking to gain more clients, referrals, and knowledge. #Failure #Sales #Success

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