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Give them one last chance to say “No”

Ever received a quick “yes” from a prospect . . . and the next day hearing them say “nevermind”?

It’s natural to get excited in the world of sales, especially when you feel you are on the verge of closing a sale. On the flipside, you may have felt let down when a buyer contacts you after receiving the contract and they changed their mind altogether.

This is a common mistake that happens when you feel the need to pressure a prospect into closing quickly. You come to an agreement, draw up a contract and move on. Then they sit on it and the deal doesn’t come to pass.

Why? Because this way of selling doesn’t let the final questions get answered, that may in the end show that the services you are offering aren’t relevant – or that their business isn’t good for you and your company. Moreover, you didn’t give them a last chance to say no. They sat, then hesitated, then changed their mind.

What then? You have lost time and energy, on something that was not worth it. You gave them a last chance to say “no.” Had you allowed for a little more time to resolve any underlying or leftover issues that hadn’t yet been addressed in the sale, you likely would have reached a better outcome. With a little patience, when you finally get a “yes” from a prospect, you know you won’t get a “no” from them tomorrow. It will be a done deal, the client will be happy, you’ll get rewarded with their satisfaction and a nice commission check.

Takeaway:  Make notes through every step with your prospect. Make sure you highlight the main issues the prospect has been having that your offering will resolve. Do you feel all of these needs have been readily addressed? Make sure at the end of each sale process that you are able to satisfy all of their issues before you leave their office with the signed contract.

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