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Let prospects talk first, save your words

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Have you ever given a prospect a dozen reasons why they shouldn’t buy in the first two minutes?

The value of a salesperson’s words goes up over time. Each word you speak displays your ability to give a prospect what they need to solve their problem. Your service or product can solve their problem. If you reveal all of your insight right after shaking their hand, you may be showing the prospect what they don’t want in front of them, or that don’t make any sense yet.

Instead, let them introduce themselves; listen to their woes, and ask thought provoking questions. Then, place a single nugget of your product knowledge in front of them. This gold will be exactly what they wanted, and they will want to keep talking because they’ll want to know if the salesperson in front of them can provide what they need. Continue to lend an ear and question the right points, and selectively drop valuable nuggets one by one, and by the end they will see a goldmine in what you are offering. By then, you will have closed a sale.

A top salesperson’s words go up in worth with the duration of a conversation; don’t say everything right after the handshake, and you’ll be in front of more desks in no time closing more sales – and saving your breath.

Takeaway:  Figuring out the best questions to ask a prospect is key to your nuggets of knowledge gaining worth and lead to an eventual new deal. Play through a typical conversation with a prospect, then stop yourself at the spots where you have an impulse to highlight everything about your product. What should you ask instead of acting on that impulse? What will make the conversation last longer and make you close the sale?

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