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Stop Procrastinating, Get Prospecting

Procrastinating never turns out well, especially when you are looking for new prospects. Do you remember a time where stalling cost you stalled revenue?

Those who are successful in sales can appreciate the enjoyment of looking for prospects. Of course there is not much joy to be found in a world where facing rejection happens day in, day out, while making a bunch of cold calls. However similar to a basketball player alone in a gym, shooting a thousand free throws, salespeople focused on closing the deal or making that shot, understand it’s something that just has to be done. After all, practice makes perfect!

With every failed attempt, lessons are learned and skills are perfected. To win the game and to be successful in making those shots, the athlete knows they have to practice. But they do not stay focused on what is not satisfying. Those who are the most successful at their endeavors focus all of their concentration on the wins.

Reluctance is understandable, and all who have ever done any prospecting have most likely encountered it. So it’s about a sea-change. Being the end goal or closing a deal, picking up the phone and making cold calls works to generate new leads. It helps you filter out all of those who are not a good fit. You are merely turning over apples in a store, and picking out the bad ones you don’t want. And the process results in new knowledge, skills and statistics – just like shooting hundreds of free throws to show beneficial trends and numbers. It may not be all fun and games, but in focusing on the deal and not just the first dial, a persistent salesperson can achieve their goals.

Takeaway: How has prospecting helped you? When have you successfully closed a deal because you focused on the end goal and sifted through the suspects? How can prospecting continue to help you and your business?

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