We offer a variety of services to get you in front of new clients.


Always a classic. In this rapidly changing world of technology and marketing, the art of the cold call has been viewed as obsolete. We don’t see it that way. Having an actual conversation with someone can provide tremendous rapport and value with a prospect. Our reps have the confidence to pick up the phone and conduct a high level conversation with a prospect. Our main goal at the end of each conversation: schedule the appointment. 

email automation

The power of email cannot be understated. The ability to send out a targeted email campaign with the right messaging can make all the difference in the amount of meetings scheduled. With email, we’re covering ground and having additional conversations while making the calls. 

A cause and effect of email activity is the ability to “clean” a prospecting list. Undeliverable emails, automated responses, and actual responses allow us to organize your list, and develop an accurate list of prospects to work on.

appointment box

With Appointment Box, you are getting a dedicated account rep that is greeting potential customers through your website. The Appointment Box’s main purpose is to greet a potential customer, answer any preliminary questions, and work towards setting a qualified appointment. The visitor on your website won’t be getting a bot, they will be getting a trained account rep that will be working to put an appointment on your calendar. 


We recommend utilizing our email automation service with Appointment Box so additional traffic can be directed towards your website.



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